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The Artists at Jackson's Falls

We have the unique privilege of supporting and celebrating local County artists.

Each suite has been carefully curated by a local artist.


Hello, welcome to my work and this beautiful room. I am Anja Barker of Prince Edward county since 2004. I am a multi media artist that has been creating Art since my youth. Prior to country life I found my stimuli in Toronto, Kingston and Dartmouth, NS. Born in Germany, raised a military brat and then brought to Canada in my teens. My travels exposed me to artists, galleries, architecture , the beauty of varying environments. I am a self taught artist and vary my choice of media which has included graphite, ink, wood, watercolour, glass, pencil crayon and marker. My work has been shown in group settings in Toronto and the first year of Arts on Main. 

I hope you enjoy ! 

If you are interested in viewing other pieces you can find me on Instagram at anjabarker1966


Ian Langdon is a visual and tattoo artist, moved to The County
in 2016. Originally tattooing in Toronto since 2018, Ian started
tattooing at the Picton Tattoo Club in 2019. He specializes in
black and grey, traditional and Japanese styles. His work can be
seen on Instagram @pictontattooclub.


Matt Palmer is a self taught visual artist that resides and works out of his home in Picton Ontario. His fondness for comic books and graphic novels is evident in the strong illustrative overtones that his work exhibits. Matt's love of nature, a bygone rural age and the cycles of growth and decay inform much of his subject matter which he communicates through mediums including pencil & pen, acrylic paint, pyrography and digital art. He has participated in many group and individual shows throughout his career. His most recent works have been design and commission based including the branding for 555 Brewing Co in Picton Ontario.


I fell in love with the ancient medium of encaustic painting in 2002. Previously an acrylic painter I was very unhappy with the flatness of the medium. I loved the depth and colour of oil, but found the messiness and long drying time cumbersome. The encaustic medium became the perfect solution to my creative dilemma. Wax and oil mixed together provide me with the vibrancy of colour inherent of oil, unbelievable texture, combined with the quickness of drying that suits my impatient temperament. Once the wax cools, the medium is dry to touch within seconds.

Currently my muse is the Canadian landscape. The vast fields, forests and lakescapes of Canada provide endless inspiration. Although traditional in subject manner my approach is that of simplicity. I believe strongly that a painting should depict the act of seeing, not the object seen. I offer through my paintings an atmospheric suggestion of possibility or the probability of the moment. It is what I don’t depict, the parts I leave out that is sometimes the most important element of my work. These ‘openings’ invite the viewer to participate by joining the colours and images with their own imagination.

I often paint from memory, as the restrictions of the medium do not allow for plein air painting. Imprinted in my memory are the changing colours of the seasons, the glistening of the sun on the lake’s surface, the starkness of the birch tree’s bark. I have an acute visual memory for colours and their combinations, which I feel is the key to my work.


Originally from the West Lake area of Prince Edward County, now living and creating in Consecon, local artist Bee Sargeant (aka SIFT613) has been experimenting with colours, patterns and textures for over 12 years. 

Most of Bee's work uses found objects as canvas’ and free or second-hand paint and materials. Re-use and recycling of paint and materials has always been important in the creative process. A majority of the work uses spray paint, often with varied stencils and tools. Drawing, sculpting and origami round out his methods of expression. Influenced by travels around the world and 6 years living in Singapore, as well as meeting innovating minds in art and music. A great passion for graffiti and street art is evident but not obvious, a modern approach with a humble nod to the likes of Basquiat, Logan Hicks, Andy Goldsworthy, Troy Lovegates, Berzerker, 

TurfOne, Jeremy Fish, Keith Harring and many more. After a dozen years and hundreds of paintings, the public has a chance to experience this vibrant and colourful art.  

Thank you to Jackson Falls Inn for this wonderful opportunity to curate a suite, a small but perfect little suite. Wow, that is a lot of words, I commend you for making it through. I'm hoping my next Bio can just say "I like to Spray Paint shit" 

Please follow my fine art and abstract photography on Instagram @sargeant.arts   And somewhat useful artsy things @brokenhomework .


James Johnston, better known as Jamie Janx, is an international award winning imaging professional with an in-depth artistic and technical knowledge in both traditional and digital photography. His intricately crafted images explore a wide range of styles, which successfully combines imagination and knowledge. 

Jamie is now setting the pace on new explorations as he matures in his art form. Keeping the door open to new opportunities, his images continue to scatter the rules of perspective and entangle reality. He offers the viewer bold saturation and almost mythical scenes, as his eyes stay focus on the changing world of photography. Most recently using photography as a launching pad toward other street arts with installations and murals being added dimensions to his growing range of
fine art production. 

You can follow Jamie on instragram @jamiejanx 

and www.jamiejanxjohnston.com

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